Linda Tobia led engineering teams in the high tech industry for twenty years. Throughout that time she coached many employees and peers through career and life changes. She has taken that passion to help others to the next level through private coaching.

Running and living a healthy life are a key focus for Linda. She is at her happiest when she is spending time with family or outside; hiking, playing, and photographing the wonders of nature. 

As a coach her philosophy is that we all have something unique to offer in this world, and it should be fun to explore our special talents and interests to lead us towards amazing outcomes.


“I was fortunate enough to have Linda as a coach when I was going through a transformation at work.  I was in a job I did not love and was worried I would make similar mistakes in my quest for a new position.  She helped me determine my values which was a great starting point in my job search.  From this foundation I was able to focus my search and then, when I applied I was able to more clearly articulate what I was looking for and who I was as an employee.  The coaching sessions and exercises she assigned were solely for me and helped me focus on the areas I needed too.  I’m not saying she got me my new job (which I love!), but she was most certainly a contributing factor.” —MMG

“In such a short period of time, my sessions with Linda have proven to be extremely helpful and enlightening. She helped me a lot with taking some introspective time to drill down and root cause my inner thoughts and self-image. I struggle with being stressed and over-critical of myself, and our sessions have helped a great deal with understanding these tendencies and working towards handling them better. In addition to this, I’ve taken practical tips on increasing focus at work, managing time, prioritizing and verbalizing future plans, and developing healthy sleep habits. She’s a great listener, thorough observer, and a sincere advisor.” —AJB