Life is Messy

It’s not over yet, but 2018 is not turning out quite how I expected. It is a good reminder that life is usually a bit messy.

I thought we would love our RV, but instead it has been a huge amount of work and not enough fun. We have come to the realization that we are not at the right time in our lives to have an RV. The work involved will be worth it when we have the time (ie. Retirement) to take long trips with it. So our fifth wheel is for sale and we will pick that dream up again in retirement.

Our big 50K run did not quite materialize either. My husband got injured in June and I did not want to spend my weekends doing long runs without him. The appeal for me had been the fact that this was something we would do together. I have shifted back to shorter weekend runs while my husband is out on his bike. Again, in a different season of life we may pick this back up again. In the meantime, I’m helping my neighbor get started running and enjoying my three to five mile runs on the local trails. My body is feeling really happy with this level of running for the moment.

I am reminded that it is important in life to be open to what your heart, body and mind are telling you along the way and make adjustments. When you are going to run a marathon, one common piece of advice is to have at least three goals. Plan A might be to finish in your best time ever. Plan B might be a more conservative time goal. Plan C is to finish strong. Plan D to finish at all. Plan E to enjoy the experience of being part of something as big as a marathon. This year has been a year of shifting between Plans, and learning to be OK with it.